Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training & Application Reviews


I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone applying to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. The service felt very similar to supervision however we worked together through my application form with a focus and attention to detail which my workplace supervisor could not offer…

I wondered whether the service would add value to the feedback I had already received from my supervisors. The Consultant I spoke to put me at ease and was very friendly and easy going. In terms of adding value, I feel that the time and space devoted to me and my form constitutes fantastic value for money. While I maintain total ownership of the application, the whole experience has really helped me to translate my ideas and experiences into an application that has certainly improved in terms of structure, style and quality.”

I found the whole process very helpful and would really recommend to anyone! The consultant took time to go through the application line by line, giving detailed advice and comments.  The process feels very individual and focused, in contrast to many HR services where you can get generic advice.  The application is still completely my own but I feel much more confident about how I’ve expressed myself.”

“Thanks again for all your help. Much appreciated!”

“Talking through my experiences with a trained professional was invaluable in looking at those experiences in
a reflective way, and seeing how they have shaped my personal and professional development.”


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