Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training & Application Reviews

Our Philosophy

We understand that candidates often view selection as one of the most important, yet stressful, times of their lives. Mindful of the pressures involved, we place high value on the importance of thinking psychologically, helping prospective clinical psychology trainees to engage fully with the process of selection. We believe that providing candidates with a space to reflect on their experiences will improve their capacity to communicate their individual values and ideas clearly and creatively under pressure.

We wish to encourage uptake from persons/populations that are currently underrepresented within clinical training – people who may or may not have access to supervision from a clinical psychologist. It is our hope that our service will be of benefit to the profession as a whole, helping training bodies to get the best out of their selection processes by supporting applicants to reflect on who they are, and what they might bring to the exciting learning opportunity that training provides.


We do not write applications on behalf of applicants, nor will we help an individual prepare for every possible interview question – there are no ‘right’ answers! This is entirely at odds with our philosophy – we celebrate diversity and want to reduce  the reproduction of generic applications and interviews that we believe are the result of a combination stress, confusion, and the uncertainty that the process can create.

We do not guarantee a candidate’s success in applying for clinical psychology doctorate training. We will however help to shape your application and responses to reflect the unique strengths and experiences you bring to the profession.

We provide the thinking space