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Interviews are an essential part of the selection process for Clinical Psychology training. Assessment formats vary from course to course, year by year. Current selection methods include a mixture of traditional panel-based interviews (clinical/research), group discussions, and presentations. A common experience for candidates, regardless of the format, is nerves or performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety during interviews can shut down thinking, and can erode your ability to communicate your unique value to the panel. As people, we are often tempted to avoid anxiety – this can extend into, and interfere with the quality of your preparation for interviews. We believe that issues of anxiety need to be addressed in time in order to allow you to benefit from high quality preparation. Our aim is to provide you with a safe space to think through the process, helping to increase your self-awareness and to stay present in times of pressure. In doing so, candidates will have their best chance to distinguish themselves as well thought-out individuals with unique experiences and skills.

The task of identifying the best and brightest candidates from those considered inappropriate for training is a relatively easy one for the panel. More often our difficulty lies in the task of distinguishing between candidates of a consistently high quality, who tend to make up the majority of applicants.
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Our interview skills workshops are designed to help you fully prepare for interviews, utilising group work, role-play and individual feedback to create developmental learning loops. Our interactive workshops will encourage you to reflect on the panel’s position, helping you to refine your sense of what differentiates you from the competition. We will spend time helping you to develop the content and structure required to effectively communicate what makes you a unique proposition to training.

Interview Skills Training Workshops run from 9am – 5pm.

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