Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training & Application Reviews

Applying for clinical psychology doctorate training?

We believe that every candidate should have the opportunity to approach the scrutiny of the selection process with an openness and confidence that will enable them to distinguish themselves as individuals, whilst allowing training institutions their best chance of assessing a person’s ‘fit’ with their programmes.

We know that stress & pressure can attack a candidate’s capacity to think creatively.

Our team of qualified Clinical Psychologists will prepare you to approach the selection process in a thoughtful, reflective, and self-aware manner. Our holistic reflective coaching framework is designed to help focus your understanding of your own unique value to the profession, locating important life experiences, learning and values that can often be overlooked.

At we offer a range of services designed to support you throughout the clinical psychology doctorate application process, helping you to develop and shape your competitive edge with confidence. Our services include:

We provide the thinking space